The Master Meme Fnord

Gamification OFF

Principia Discordia employs a type of open world building, gamification, and a paradoxical systems language that was called guerrilla ontology by the architect, Robert Anton Wilson, in the mid-70s and became the blueprint for what is now known as culture jamming or signal jamming.

The Erisian Liberation Front has always been the outreach media strategy for Principia Discordia, since the late 60s and 70’s. At various times, members of ELF in the past have been Dr. Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, Robert Anton Wilson, Abbie Hoffman, Gregory Hill, Kerry Thornley and many of these antics and tactics evolved into individual projects.

The game of the open world mythology is the game of sense, nonsense, and non-sense and all the distinctions in between.

This is used to distinguish different types of misinformation signals, by showing sense and non-sense, the nonsense of misinformation can become easier to distinguish.

This might not make sense yet (non-sense), and some of this is nonsense, but learning how to distinguish between non-sense and nonsense is where all the fun is.

Gamification ON

Did you know that Principia Discordia was a part of the conspiracy to distribute the master meme into history until the time history was ready to use it?

Well it was! 


And we happen to have it on good authority that everything written about the history of the master meme fnord is exactly how it might have happened, could have happened, should have happened, and did happen!

For the first time, the Erisan Liberation Front is proud to reveal the history of the master meme fnord, and how it formed in the late 1960’s through the 1970’s during what was known as the great convergence of the fake hoaxes.

WARNING: Once you click and open any of these links, you are entering the inner sanction of the Erisian Liberation Front.

There is no guide or map to the inner sanctum, there is no direct link or menu for where it is, there is no WordPress widget or social media icon that will help you discover it, there is no Google search that will reveal it.

The only way to enter into the inner sanctum of the Erisian Liberation Front is to see where each link and each click will lead you, maybe, in the History of the Master Meme Fnord, published for the first time in her-story!

Do your own research collaboratively with each other apart!

Eventually, you will be one of the fortunate 3% who finally discover “the missing link”!