The Hodge and Podge

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To understand Hodge and Podge is to understand the tactic of “breaking words”, a form of guerrilla ontology (signal jamming) developed by our paddy father and employed by the Erisian Liberation Front various media campaigns which apply signal jamming (guerrilla ontology) to misinformation tactics used by troll farms online. (If you can understand our myth-information paradoxes you are one of us ––the mgmt.)

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The Sacred Chao

The Erisian Liberation Front takes a Groucho Marxist view of history.

We see the history of the world especially the 20th century and beyond as just a convergence of hoaxes, misunderstandings, myth-information and viral marketing campaigns.

To understand this is to understand the Great Hoopla of the Hodge and Podge, or the Sacred Chao.

To understand this is to understand the Great Illuminatus War, which is the war between the dumb illuminati and the smart illuminati.

The Great Hoopla of the Hodge and Podge

Around the year 2002, the dumb illuminati started to lay down the framework for web2.0. This is true as it was revealed by the Great Goddess Eris to Babafish as the mystery of the Great Hoopla of the Hodge and Podge.

Upon learning the Hodge and Podge, Babafish freaked himself, posting on a BBS somewhere,”There is the Hodge there is the Podge there is also a whole system of hodge and podge!”

Chaos needs order, order needs chaos.

Chaos and Order are literally both chaos AND order, one whole system of something beyond order or chaos, which we call The Sacred Chao.

The Sacred Chao

( Chao says “Muuu” / ELFS say…“Ummm”. – the mgmt)

Thus, the Sacred Chao is only sacred because it is in some unfathomable way, both chaos and order not chaos or order, which is far stranger than Chaos and anything Eris could ever imagine.

(If you can understand the Hodge and Podge, you can read history, and start to even write some of itthe mgmt.)

REVEALED FOR FIRST TIME: The Hodge IS ACTUALLY just a fake-o for the REAL Aneristic Principle of Order.

The union of order and chaos from the view of the HODGE is represented by a pyramid shaped four sided dice with three possible outcomes, 0, 1, and 2.

0 = non-sense

1 = sense

2 = nonsense

( Pro-Tip: A four side dice, when spun and thrown, always falls “up” and never “rolls” if it is disturbed by disorder.)

REVEALED: The Podge IS ACTUALLY just a fake-o for the REAL Eristic Principle of Disorder.

The union of order and chaos, from the viewpoint of chaos, gives us the “lemon” as a symbol.

The lemon represents disappointment that arises from a purchase or acquisition of high-tech that sucks, or essentially web 2.0. This is often referred to as the Larry David principle to initiates of the Erisian Liberation Front.

Campaigns employing our playful guerrilla ontology therefore help expose the lemon that is web 2.0 and all the nonsense created by it.

The Erisian Liberation Front’s non-sense campaigns can neutralize the effects of web 2.0 misinformation and disinformation.

This means to show that the lemon that is Web 2.0 is balanced by web3 maybe logic of 0, 1, and 2.

Systems Languages where you least expect them

Mordecai the Foul launches Maybe Logic Academy

The Hodge and the Podge are just relationships between *sense, nonsense, and non-sense, and not properties of objects or people, but properties of symbols, language, and mind which we confuse as people and objects and cause stupid wars and stuff.

Chaos is just another form of order and order is another form of chaos, depending on how Google returns your search query and Facebook targets your ad buy, its just a set of language we use and apply to the world.

Erisian Liberation Movement does not choose chaos over order, or order over chaos, but both order and chaos as one whole natural system.

But now, with the web, the world is going nutso a bit, and the illuminatus poop-heads have been faking the fnords by using Web 2.0 ad buys, tricking the web peoples into believe a fnord is a fact, perverting the Hodge and the Podge and the union of Hodge and Podge, the fnord, into a dark creature of disturbed confusion and suffering.

Stoopid. Fnords are not facts.

The Illuminatus Poop-heads, aka the “stupid” Illuminati

The Erisian Liberation Front is actively engaged in the long-tail Illuminatus war, which concludes with the immanentization of the eschaton. If you think that is word salad, you can get a discount on your entrance fee. It basically means that the 21st century is the conclusion of the great war between the dumb illuminati versus the smart illuminati.

Lord Turd the Loaf and Sir Simon Limesuck weaponized the fnord for the apaco-hoctic political forces of the wrong-left and the too-right.

Turd Lord the Loaf

The very same fun loving paradoxes and theater created by our Paddy Father and friends (Robert Anton Wilson, Tim Leary, Abbey Hoffman, William Burroughs) in the 1970s was weaponized on the internet by political operatives doing the work of the Illuminatus poop-heads.

“Ah-ha” said Babafish. “The Q-fusion. The Pizza Psy-op. Those bastards were tricking folks into believing the fnords were facts.”

Sir Simon Sucklimes

The Illuminatus Poop Heads, or “the dumb illuminati” are the folks who think they are so smart that they can influence history by faking the fnord.

Mordecai the Foul, Operation Mind F*ck, 1968

Therefore, the Erisian Liberation Movement has re-organized, a new generation in 2022, preserving the original intention of our paddy father and cleaning up some of the unintended consequences of *“operation mindfuck” on the world wide web, some 50+ years after it began.

Admittedly, the smart illuminati created operation mindf*ck, which was then subverted by the dumb illuminati starting around the year 2000 and continuing into 2022. The smart illuminati created web 1.0, while the dumb illuminati created web 2.0

So in some ways, this is our fault, we apologize, and here to clean up our own mess, make something better.

Web3 is Principia Discordia3


*A slice of lemon with eight sections, representing the eight activations of the pineal gland, which allows the nervous system of ELFs to view how chaos and order are just relationships between things, not properties of things. More revealed after NFT purchase, robots not included.

*ELFs just need to know that “non-right” = “not wrong”.

*sense, nonsense and non-sense = the actual (1), the symbolic (2), and the strange (0) as a systems language.

*”Operation Mindfuck was an actual media and messaging strategy applied by the counter-culture, and was reapplied by baby boomer Floridians and thought leaders of the too-right, what PD3 refers to as “the holy fuck-up”, and it is our duty to correct this fuck-up, and make sense of the non-sense once more.

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