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A CHAO!!!!

A CHAO is a Charitable Autonomous Organization. The pilot will explore network trust building and “direct action” funding that could potentially be distributed to someone in immediate need.

There is still much to develop to the concept, but we are going to be launching a slimmed down version this year.

The CHAO is creating a decentralized network based on human trust, and the basic concept goes like this.

A unique multi-signature wallet is designed in such a way so as to provide direct action funding that can be distributed with no loss and in a manner that is trustworthy, at scale.

Our pilot will focus on trust building within an altruistic system.

Naturally, the first concern with such a system, assuming it had the funds to distribute, would be suspicion.

How could you trust someone really needed help and was not trying to game the system?

A CHAO would function like a decentralized community that begins with a trusted circle that raises funds (small or large) towards a direct action contribution to a real human being facing a challenge.

Those who would receive support from the CHAO must also make a commitment to find someone else in need to sponsor (recommend), and contribute back to the CHAO.

Supporting the CHAO would be various forms of tongue in cheek viral media.

For now, we are just going to launch the CHAO with a simple wallet address. We have a pilot program which features a family of three women (46, 25, and 4) in a very challenging situation where they live in an impoverished community the Philippines.

This small family was chosen because someone within our community trusted them. As we trust this person, that’s all the CHAO would need. Once this family receives support, then they would next sponsor another person whom they know who needs immediate assistance, with an understanding that adding to this community would also be based on trust.

Next, we will explore funding the CHAO through creative viral media. Big Mother’s DAO is launching a “viral marketing” campaign around the “master meme”, a free NFT which was designed by Big Mother DAO’s Carey Yost and Rome Viharo.

“Master Meme” as a viral marketing campaign is building off of the worldbuilding mythos of “Principia Discordia”.

Principia Discordia was an underground text in the late 60s and 70’s, which launched the “Erisian Liberation Front”. Those participating in this first “signal jamming” exercise were such folks as Robert Anton Wilson, William Burroughs, Abbie Hoffman, Timothy Leary. This little work became remarkably influential in both the early Silicon Valley dev culture and also went on to influence the “CopyLeft” movement which has become the Creative Commons we know today.

We will experiment with using NFT smart contracts for viral media and messaging.

The “master meme” is located on