The Rump Room

The Rules of the Rump Room

(what happens in the rump room stays in the rump room)

Whenever not-gendered and one-gendered ELFs meet in the rump room, they shall say “We shall rub rumps together–not at all!” and high-five.

Whenever a one-gendered ELF meets another one-gendered ELF in the rump room, they shall just read the room and respond accordingly as they may;

  • rub rumps together
  • apart
  • once in a while
  • not at all
  • all the time.

Decide and high five.

(If one-gendered ELFS are in a rump room with only all other one-gendered ELFS, they must not confuse the many “one-gendered ELFS” as the one “many-gendered ELFS” by saying “We are only one not many”. This has cleared up many potential awkward moments and has even saved a few marriages, thx – the mgmt.)

When many-gendered ELFS meet in the rump room they usually rub rumps all the time and can’t stop shouting about it, but may choose to refrain on occasion. 

Robots not included.

(high-five is a fnord hole, you should be able to figure it out by now)