Strict Gender Policy for Web3. STRONGLY ENFORCED! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!!!!

Failure to identify will result in automatic and irreversible removal from web3!


We must all stick apart! 

#1 RULE: All Members of #web3 must identify as either non- gendered, one-gendered, or many-gendered. 


#2 RULE: Therefore many-gendered, one-gendered, and non-gendered rub rumps apart, and may choose to either; not at all, once in a while, or all the time–(try it with our “No -Hands” Wellness Yoga, we have the fake pseudoscience to prove it always works.)


#3 RULE: No Hands! Web3 members practice the high art of “No Hands” Yoga, or Zuzum as it is called in the Wellness Yoga of the Fake Pseudoscience.  

Exceptions FUTILE!

(except where some may potentially apply)

Publishing note: on all membership forms for ELFS, please specify

  • No-gendered
  • One-gendered
  • Many-Gendered

Bonus: Every NFT purchased allows entry into the rump room. 

Ask for Zack Zarate. – signed, Babafish