About E.L.F.

The Erisian Liberation Front is an orthodox reform movement and the holder of the eschatology of Principia Discordia; known as the Master Meme Fnord or Principia Discordia 3.

The Sacred Chao

Principia Discordia 3 is just like the original Principia Discordia from 60s and 70s, but worser!

We are a decentralized Chaoist organization, following the governance of the Hodge and Podge, our Holy Chao.

If you can make sense of our non-sense, you are one of us!

ELF is a non-prophet organization dedicated to the continual distribution of the Master Meme, myth-information, to a new generation of ELFs on the world wide web, to have fun by jamming the signal of misinformation troll farms.

“Gamification is on!” shouts DAO Chairmen Groucho Marx, Ipissimus Poo-Bah, Erisian Liberation Front

Our Chairmen and secret chief is the Ipissimus Boo-Bah Groucho Marx, and the virologist for the Erisian Liberation Front is Kavi Babafish.

Together, they have provided the final chapter of Operation MindF*ck and Principia Discordia 3, How the Internet Was Lost.

Principia Discordia 3 is a how-to-self-elf manual for fnord hole decoding on the World Wide Web.

If we have to explain it to you…