About E.L.F.

The Erisian Liberation Front is an orthodox reform movement within Discordianism, which also claims to be the lineage holder of the eschatology of Principia Discordia known as the Master Meme or Principia Discordia 3.

The Sacred Chao

Principia Discordia 3 is just like the original Principia Discordia from 60s and 70s, but worser!

We are a decentralized Chaoist organization, following the governance of the Hodge and Podge, our Holy Chao.

If you can make sense of our non-sense, you are one of us!

ELF is a non-prophet organization dedicated to the continual distribution of the Master Meme, myth-information, to a new generation of ELFs on the world wide web, to have fun by jamming the signal of misinformation troll farms.

“Gamification is on!” shouts DAO Chairmen Groucho Marx, Ipissimus Poo-Bah, Erisian Liberation Front

Our Chairmen and secret chief is the Ipissimus Boo-Bah Groucho Marx, and the virologist for the Erisian Liberation Front is Kavi Babafish.

Together, they have provided the final chapter of Operation MindF*ck and Principia Discordia 3, How the Internet Was Lost.

Principia Discordia 3 is a how-to-self-elf manual for fnord hole decoding on the World Wide Web.

In our spare time, we enjoy trolling Big Mother DAO