The Great Erisian Vaccination Hoax, Revealed by Wellness Yoga Practice of Kavi Baba Fish Trisfallacia

Vaccinations are some of the most clever hoaxes on the web devised by Eris during the Holy F*ck up; an exemplary type of fake pseudoscience as revealed by the Erisian Liberation Front Wellness Yoga and Fake Pseudoscience Manual. The trick to understanding how to perform the wellness yoga of the fake pseudoscience lies in knowing that the art of the fake pseudoscience ALWAYS WORKS.

Before every vaccination shot, an ELF shall repeat the magical incantation, saying thus “baba baba baba baba”, which means “This vaccination is the art of the fake pseudoscience, born from Eris! It ALWAYS works! Hail Eris!” Hint: the vaccine only works when YOU make it the medicine. 

“Only YOU make vaccinations work! Stop the Hoax!” – share on twitter.

Blockchains know this.






ELF member Lady Parts Unknown (one-gendered) has fun with our “No-Hands” Yoga after chanting Baba Baba Baba Baba after booster vaccination, and she feels great!