Groucho Marxism

Principia Discordia3: The Final Apoca-hoax of Eris, the Goddess of Chaos and Disagreement also known as The Holy F*ck up”

The Groucho Marxist view of World History, 1976-2022

History is just the convergence of hoaxes and misunderstandings, or myth-information.

This is known as the Turning of the Wheel of Chao in Groucho Marxist view of history.

The First Turning; web 1.0

In the 1970’s Eris initiated what is known as the First Turning of the Wheel of Chao, by tossing a Golden Apple into Silicon Valley, launching Apple Computer, CopyLeft, and eventually Web 1.0 in the early 1990s.

The Apoca-hoax of Eris is The Second Turning of the Wheel of Chao; Web 2.0.

The time was “earlier internet years” between 1999 and 2003 and Eris, the Great Goddess of Chaos and Disagreement, was getting bored. All non-prophets were in the throes of enthusiasm about “the web 1.0”.

A great world wide win!

this world wide web!



Some small bunch were even hailing web 1.0 as “The Pinnacle of Peak of Knuck Kadoodle!” a sacred realm that represent a perfect society, well functioning, a perfect balance of Hodge and Podge.

This raised the ire of Eris.

Eris went to view this new wonder known as the world wide web, and heard the cries of all the peoples shouting across it on AOL message boards.

“Let’s make the web expose all the corporate lying bastards!” posted all the peoples!

“Let’s make the web expose all the lying bastards who make war and suffering!” messaged all the peoples!

“Let’s make the web expose all the lying bastards on Wall Street!” emailed all the peoples!

“Let’s make the web expose all the lying bastard politicians!” replied all the peoples!

Eris could hardly believe what was going on AOL message chat boards.

Everyone appeared to want the same thing from the world wide web!

Even her very own non-prophets were raving about this new earth civilization where Hodge and Podge would come to balance out on the world wide web.

The bells of liberation rang around the world!

“Well…”, Eris thought to herself, “maybe it is time to give the people exactly what they want.”

It was at this moment that Eris tossed The Golden Lemon on the world wide web, creating Web 2.0

Web3 is The Third Turning of the Wheel of Chao.

Eris tossed the lemon on web 1.0, initiating Web 2.0, this is known as the Second Turning of the Wheel of Chao.

No one was expecting that the internet of web 2.0 would expose ALL the lying bastards, which were almost everyone on the internet too; everyone’s uncle, neighbor, chef and poodle all eventually became exposed as lying bastards, also.

What’s more, the very Holy Book of Eris herself, the Original Manual of Operation MindF*ck, Principia Discordia, and the secret architect Mordecai the Foul, born in the underground culture of the 1960’s and 1970’s, became the blueprint for memes on the world wide web 2.0 holy wars of Goog and Facebook-ma-goog, inciting the armies of the wrong-left and the too-right via ad buys, designed by Illuminatus poop-heads.

Now, all of web 2.0 was just like the original Principia Discordia, but worser!

Now everyone was fnording the signal!

Now all the lying bastards were distributing the para-language of The Erisian Liberation Front to millions who could only make nonsense of our non-sense, perverting into every Kek, Qook, Quack, and Qabal who have no wisdom of the fnord hole!

This new generation of lying bastards even replaced the Patron Saint of Discordia, Emperor Norton, with the Great Ape of the Apaco-hoax, the False Emperor God King the Orange!

The false god Emperor the Orange.

Even Eris herself was forgotten, and in her place was pee-pee the green frog and the spooky ghost noodled appendage of the flying spaghetti monster!

Eris’s great apaco-hoax became even a blasphemy upon our Holy Goddess of Disagreement, even the non-sacred was no longer sacred.

Lord Turd the Loaf

This allowed the secret order of Aneris, Eris’s evil twin, Goddess of Order, worshipped by the Illuminatus poop-heads, to become powerful on the internet through the powers of Goog and Face-ma-goog.

Meister Simon Sucklimes

This was led by Turd Lord the Loaf and Meister Simon Sucklimes from the Order of the *Illuminatus poop-heads, perverting the chaos of Eris into the division of the world wide web we have today, shocking even the non-prophets of Eris herself.

“WTF” shouted all non-prophets.

This event is now known as “The Holy F*ck Up”, which is how the golden lemon came to symbolize the Podge to the four sided ternary dice of the Hodge in Principia Discordia 3.

The non-prophets, seeing this new level of wizardry, finding it not funny, received the instruction to “make it funny” and use it to bring balance back to the Hodge and the Podge on the world wide web.

This became known as “THE DEAL”.

What happens next we have no idea.

“Gamification is ON!” Chairman Groucho Marx, The CHAO of Elf


*The Sativa Gardens Brotherhood is the the realm of re-birth for all ELFS and Discordians who keep sacred the Chao, whereupon death, in keeping with THE DEAL, take re-birth as a strain of sativa cannabis from Northern California, returning a $4B crop industry, helping people get R.I.C.H. and increasing universal unemployment for all.

*ELFS will note, the Holy Slice of Lemon has eight perfect sections, representing the eight activations of the pineal gland which Dr. Timmy Jams contributed to the history of the Master Meme Fnord.

*The history of the world is the history of two warring secret societies, sometimes known as the war between “The dumb Illuminati versus the smart Illuminati”. The smart illuminati are behind the conspiracy to help everyone get smart and collaborative, while the dumb illuminati is the conspiracy to keep everyone misinformed and divided. Because the dumb illuminati always have a dumb strategy in comparison to the smart illuminati, the smart illuminati always win, while the dumb illuminati always lose, even though it seems like a neck and neck race. – the mgmt.